Monday, 30 June 2008

Moving Swiftly on...

been a while since I blogged, I blame Crisis Core.

Been playing that nigh on religiously since I got it. Love FF7 to death, and I literally eat up anything related to it in anyway. The killer is I know the ending is gonna have me weeping like a baby, especially as Crisis Core already managed to make me feel bad for Sephiroth, despite knowing what he does in FF7. It even made me feel sad when he finally found out where he came from and snapped. So yeah, I'm in chapter 10, the last in the game, and I'm already welling up everytime I hear the Crisis Core theme. Still, it's making me wanna play through FF7 again, and Squeenix hafta be working on an FF7 remake, otherwise all this teasing they're doing is kinda senseless. You gotta imagine a remake of FF7 would sell like hot cakes.

Before I got Crisis Core, I was playing through MGS4. Beat that amazing game a few times now, and god I love it to death. But, as with Crisis Core, it's made me want to go back and play through the other MGS games. Currently I'm looking at finishing off the MGAC!D games or Portable Ops.

What else have I been up to...

Oh, a GameStation opened up in town, nigh on next door to where I work, so that's been awesome. Picked up some awesome games cheap, but also wasted a lot of money on whimsical stuff, like Raiden and Sephiroth figs. Also screwed up two amazing chances at getting dates. Went to the opening day thing at said GameStation, and two of the girls there were hitting on me, quite heavily apparently, but I was away with the "ooh, King of Fighters ^_^" fairys and never noticed, and promptly got mocked by work mates who were also there when they found out that not only had I not got numbers, but hadnt even noticed a girl asking me for my number a dozen times and this other girl ignoring a shop full of customers looking for help to talk to me. I'm a ****ing retarded idiot sometimes.

Also, had my shoulder length hair chopped off. A half hour of madness after getting rained on led to it all coming off. So now I've got like, inch long hair. So I styled it like Nathan Drake from Uncharted and quite liked that, so also dyed it black. Apparently Black hair really suits me, as everyones happily pointing it out, so no longer shall I dye my blonde hair brown.

On another note, if you havent played Uncharted, it's as good a reason to have a PS3 as MGS4, heck, probably even better as it isnt so cutscene and story heavy. It also has the single best 3rd person gunplay combat in a game ever.

~Until Next Time, Stay Frosty

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