Sunday, 15 June 2008

Metal.... Gear ?

So, MGS4 came out Thursday. I had work Thursday night, but due to circumstance beyond my control, I found myself bed ridden and at home Friday night. By 7am Sunday Morning, Metal Gear Solid 4 was finished. Two short 2-3 hour sessions and an almight 8 hour session blazing through the last of act 3, then act 4 and 5. Been a LONG time since I played a game that much in one go. Been just as long since I spent so much time playing one game too.

But now I wanna go back and play the other Metal Gear games again. MGS1 on the PS1 would be the best place to start, but I'd rather play it on my PS3 now, which rasies the whole question of how would I fight Mantis. Also, my lack of a Dual Shock 3 hinders my MGS on PS3 plan. So Twin Snakes is plausible, but god I hated how easy the MGS2 engine made that game, let alone how god awful the GC pad was for it.

Which brings me onto the MGS games I havent finished. AC!D, AC!D 2, and Portable Ops. I think one of those shall be my next pray, especially since all of them I played on my old PSP and will hafta start again on my new slim PSP. Good excuse to look for the cables to hook a PSP up to my TV too.

~Until Next Time, Stay Frosty

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