Thursday, 3 April 2008


I dunno what it is, but recently I've been tired all the time. I wake up tired, when I actually wake up that is, and I spend all day in this sorta tired haze. I dunno what it is though. I used to be fine on a regular 6 hours a night sleep schedule, but now I'm getting anywhere between 8 and 12 hours sleep a day. I'm literally sleeping my days away and yet still waking up tired. Maybe I'm ill or something, I just dont seem to be getting the rest I need.

Other than that, I've been thinking about the ex, Anne Celeste Mitchell, and awful lot again recently. It's almost been a year and I still havent figured out why she left me like she did. My best guess boils down to her past leaving her wary of people caring about her, and after growing accustom to me always being there for her, when I wasnt because, as it turned out, I was violently sick, it shook what reliance she'd let herself have of me too much. If that even makes any sense to anyone else. I just cant get my head around it though. We were together 6 years and she left the day after we'd been planing our future together, something she loved talking about because she felt wanted.

I guess I'll never turly know what she's thinking now. I'm just left with a heavy heart and the really horrible pain of missing her with every inch of my being. Weird that, I'm only 24 and yet I'm pretty certain I wont fall in love again.

In less depressing news, I'm sketching a lot. Not helping me get done any proper drawings, and god knows I've got outstanding requests, but I've been kept busy when I've been awake, so I've not had much time to actually sit and draw.

In gaming news, I got God of War : Chains of Olympus on the PSP last friday, and managed to finish that up Monday. Thoroughly enjoyed the game, and would recommend it to most people, it's just that charging my PSP battery so I could install the new firmware, and installing the new firmware, took longer to do than the game took to beat, and without a score or ranking system, there's nothing there to drag me through the higher difficulties. Short but sweet would be the best way of summing it up. I should write a proper review of it sometime soon.

Also managed to finally get a copy of the PS2 Teen Titans game. Yes, I liked Teen Titans. Funny how much stick I get for that, despite being a massive cartoon and anime fan, and a huge DC fan. It was a combination of 3 things I love, and people still seem to be suprised when I say I watched and enjoyed it. Anyways, yes, got the game and it cost me the princely sum of £4 brand new, which was an absoloute bragin, if only for the manual and all the artwork inside it. The game itself so far seems pretty average unless you're a fan, which is probably why it's winning me over. Pounding up on Hive baddies as the Titans is great fun in my eyes.

Alright, I guess that pretty much wraps everything up for now.
~Until Next Time, Stay Frosty


Anne Celeste Mitchell said...

I'm not coming back. Get over it. Move on with your fucking life.

Dazz Hardy said...

I dont have a life, never really did, so cant really do that

Dazz Hardy said...

If that was really you Anne, could you at least tell me what changed ? Something has had to of changed. The day before you left you'd seemed blissfully happy, then we had a silly falling out over nothing at all really, and then you're gone. I don't understand how someone's feelings could change that fast.

I need to know, because over the 6 years we were together, you took a worthless shell of a man, built him up into something with a purpose, and in one swift move, smashed him back down to less than he was before. I hate the drama in this sentance, but I was uttely smashed to pieces that day, and I'll never fully recover from it.

I honestly believe you loved me. What happened to change that ? Please, I need to know.