Saturday, 26 April 2008

Sunny Saturday

It's Saturday.
It's Sunny and warm.
I've just made my first T-Shirt and it looks good.
I'm working on another drawing and so far I'm loving drawing it and it's coming together well.

All in all today's been a great day so far. Granted, I'm at work later, so that'll suck, but that's only because I was sick thursday, and so offered to make up the hours as there's not 1 but 3 games out next week I wanna get.

So yeah, Grand Theft Auto 4 is out in less than 4 days. Where's that come from ? And Iron Man's out next week, as well as the PS3 version of Monster Madness. That's a lotta gaming I'm doing next week. Crazy expensive week ahead.

~Until Next Time, Stay Frosty

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