Friday, 14 March 2008

Parents and Zombies

I know this isnt unique, but what the hell is with some parents expecting everything and giving nothing ? My mom's constantly on at me for not showing her respect, yet I do everything she asks me to, as soon as I can possibly do it, and its never good enough. It's like me having a life which gets in the way of what she wants doing is a bad thing. But if I do what she wants straight away, she gets on at me for not having anything else in my life to do. It's a lose lose situation no matter what I do.

In better news, my copy of Oneechanbara Revoloution for the Wii arrived, and it works with the Freeloader I've got, so I've got a new Zombie hack and slasher too keep my busy.

~Until Next Time, Stay Frosty

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