Monday, 24 March 2008

Catching Up

So its Sunday, and as I expected, 2 of my 4 days have gone already. The first day was all my fault, Brawl arrived and I sank 10 hours into unlocking stuff, mainly Snake and Sonic, then just playing Brawls for a good few hours with my niece as Snake, who is now above and beyond my favourite character, with Sonic and Link distant seconds. Snake hides in a cardboard box for his taunt for ****s sake, thats just brilliant.

Today I lost to a family get together for Easter. I'm not a great social person, and always just feel kinda awkward in these sorta situations. There's no artists or gamers in my family outside of children, so I dont have much conversation to add, and usually just feel left out. Got to play some 4 player Brawl out of it though, so shouldnt complain.

Aside from that I've finally caught up on scanning and uploading all my sketches to my dA account, so I'm up to date there now. I've got some plans for things to draw too, so hopefully all that will turn out spiffy and get done in prompt fashion. Also got to watch Terry Pratchett's The Colour Of Magic, which was utterly awesome. The only downside of it was how much I wanted to watch it with Anne, my ex, and now I'm thinking about her again. I still dont know why she left, or what happened in the 24 hours between us being incredibly happy and her up and going. Still, I know she'd of loved watching it, so I hope she's gotten to see it somehow, she introduced me to the Discworld books after all.

~Until Next Time, Stay Frosty

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