Friday, 14 March 2008


So, I just ordered Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

I live in the UK, and the fact that SSBB still doesnt have a release date for over here pisses me off something fierce. Europes a huge market, but it still gets treated so poorly when it comes to the release of certain games. And I never get why the UK has to suffer waits so the game can come out in other european languages, and still get lumbered with all the american spellings. Its just dumb.

But yeah, Brawl. Wasnt a huge Melee fan, but have nieces and nephews who love to play it, so I've always had willing and ready opponents, so getting Brawl was pretty much a no brainer. Also, Solid Snake's in it, and that'll sell me a game no matter what. I'm such a Snake fan boy that its unreal.

I'll post up my impressions when it arrives. I'd give it a week or so, but that'll still be before a PAL release date gets announced.
~Until Next Time, Stay Frosty

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