Monday, 17 March 2008

4 Day Weekend !

So, this weekend its the Easter Holiday. Usually I'd get some crap Off Friday, Work Saturday, Off Sunday, Work Monday deal, but this year I'm working the Friday then have the Saturday, Sunday Monday AND Tuesday off, which is awesome.

So, what do I plan to do with this mini holiday ? Well, first off, make more progress in Oneechanbara Revoloution. My arm's getting used to the toll getting cool combos is taking out of me using the wii remote, and Reiko is even more awesome in this game. The only real complaint I can level against the game is that it's relatively short in the story mode. There's only 4 real stages and 4 boss fights, and they're all repeated in different orders for the different characters. Compared to previous games which had either 6 levels each with a boss or the 20 stages of Vortex, it feels kinda limp, but at the same time, its more than made up for by just how different all the characters are. I'll post up a full review after I've done more in the game.

So, aside from slashing up zombies with girls in bikinis and skintight leather, what else will I be doing ? Well, Persona 3 is still sitting in my PS3, and I'm hoping to get Phoenix Wright 3. There's the outstanding requests I have, which I want to get done this weekend as they've been sat waiting for far too long.

Chances are, now I've got all this planned something will come up, like Brawl arriving or my Mom organising something.

~Until Next Time, Stay Frosty

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